Henri DuVal

Carlingue Communications officer


Nom du Jue William Henry Colmes of his Majesty’s Cavalry
First Teacher The Hessian; Concord, Massachusetts 1777
Apparent Age Late 40’s
True Age 212
Code the Gauntlet
Mental Attributes Intelligence ••, Wits •••, Resolve ••
Physical Attributes Strength ••, Dexterity •••, Stamina ••
Social Attributes Presence •••, Manipulation ••, Composure •••
Mental Skills Academics (Swordsmanship) ••, Politics* (Military) ••
Physical Skills Athletics •, Drive (Horseback) ••, Firearms* ••, Weaponry (Jian) •••
Social Skills Animal Ken •, Empathy •, Expression (Inspire) •••, Intimidation ••, Persuasion (Motivate) •, Socialize ••, Subterfuge* (Misdirection) •
Merits Allies (British Spy Network) ••, Armed Defense •, Blood of Kings – British Military (Allies – British Spy Network ••) ••, Cohesive Unit •••, Contacts* (Military ,Political), Danger Sense, Defensive Combat, Fighting Finesse, Officer Training •••, Reputation ••, Small Unit Tactics, Staff •, Status (Collaborative Government) ••, Weapon of Choice (Graceful)
Willpower 5
Honor 5
Virtue Courageous
Vice Ambitious
Nature Conformist
Initiative 7
Defense 3
Speed 11
Health 9
Kenning 4
Quickening/Beats 1/4
Tricks Ignorant Flesh, Immortal Coil, Recognition, Quickened Shield
Edge 13
Passions The British Military, Challenge those who would threaten the Empire
Weapon Jian 2L; Dicepool 7, Initiative 6, Defense 6; Graceful


Other Names William Colmes, Henry Colmes, William Combs, Henry Combs, Gui DuVal, Billy Cobb


  • 1730; born outside Croydon as William Henry Colmes
  • 1748; Joined the British Military
  • 1761; becomes an officer in the Cavalry
  • 1777; Immortality is triggered during the battle of Saratoga
  • 1777; Discovered by the Hessian, a German immortal, who trains him over the next 4 years.
  • 1781; Challenges and kills the Hessian. (Kenning ••)
  • 1807; Takes his first student, a French soldier named Jean Rubiette, during the Napoleonic War
  • 1823; Hunted by a band of Ashanti immortals during the Anglo-Ashanti War, Kills all of them (Kenning •••)
  • 1841; Meets General Yang Fang during the first Opium War, is surprised to discover he’s Immortal
  • 1846; Challenges the Chinese Immortal and is defeated soundly. Yang Fang takes him as his student (Jian Specialty, Swordsmanship specialty)
  • 1854; Having finally defeated his teacher in a duel, William takes his head.
  • 1880; Is challenged by and defeats a Zulu immortal (Kenning ••••)
  • 1888; London, Meets the immortal Helsilía Wikström, she disarms him but leaves him with his head.
  • 1915; World War One.

Dishonorable Acts (5 dice)

Failing to accept a Student (7 dice)
Hiding on Holy Ground (6 dice)
Failing to take the Quickening of an immortal defeated in Combat (5 dice)
Killing a Student or Teacher (5 dice)
Failing to Challenge and Immortal you deem unfit (4 dice)
Failing to act on one’s Passion (3 dice)
Revealing your nature to a mortal (3 dice)
Using a mortal as a pawn in the game (3 dice)
Using an unfair advantage (Guns, Traps or Supernatural Abilities) (3 dice)
Failing to accept a challenge (2 dice)
Murdering an Immortal (2 dice)
Hunting down an immortal in groups (1 die)

Henri DuVal

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