Der Kurator

Nazi Archeologist


Nom du Jue Sil
First Teacher Isaac, Vatican City, 1794
Apparent Age late 30’s
True Age 198
Code the Book
Mental Attributes Intelligence ••, Wits ••, Resolve ••
Physical Attributes Strength ••••, Dexterity ••, Stamina •••
Social Attributes Presence •••, Manipulation ••, Composure ••
Mental Skills Academics (Appraisal) •••, Crafts (Smithing) •••, Occult (Artifacts) •, Science •
Physical Skills Athletics •••, Brawl ••, Survival •••, Ride •, Weaponry (Great Swords) •••
Social Skills Intimidation ••, Persuasion (Sealing the Deal) ••, Socialize (Carousing) •, Streetwise •, Subterfuge •
Merits Giant •••, Poise ••, Alternate Identity (Der Kurator) •••, Heavy Weapons ••••, Weapon Of Choice (Balanced)
Willpower 4
Honor 7
Virtue Generous
Vice Arrogant
Nature Scholar
Initiative 4
Defense 5
Speed 11
Size 6
Health 9
Kenning 2
Quickening/Beats 1
Tricks Quiet, Hidden Steel
Edge 11
Passions Searching for Artifacts, Defusing the Situation
Weapon Great Sword 4L; Dicepool 8, Initiative 1, Defense 5; 9-again, Balanced


Other Names Helsilía Wikström


  • 1745; Born in the village of Bürfell to the local blacksmith as Helsilía Wikström
  • 1783; Summer; Laki Erupts, Sil, flees to high ground with her family
  • 1783; Winter; Immortality Triggered after starving to death. (Poise 1)
  • 1784; Is taught to read by the local church. She decides to move on. (Academic 1)
  • 1785; Met the immortal Giulio Chiese, in London, England, She fled when he attempted to take her head.
  • 1788; Swims the English Channel to flee the obsessed head-hunter (Stamina 3)
  • 1794; Met her first teacher, Isaac, while visiting the Vatican.
  • 1855; Sil is inducted into the Shadow Congregation (Occult 1, Poise 2)
  • 1872; Took the head of, Giulio Chiese, after he forced her into a duel. (Kenning 2)
  • 1888; Meets the immortal William Colmes and rebukes him violently.

Dishonorable Acts (4 dice)

Hiding on Holy Ground (7 dice)
Failing to offer succor to an immortal in need (6 dice)
Killing an Immortal in Fair Combat (5 dice)
Revealing your nature to a Mortal (4 dice)
Failing to act on one’s passions. (4 dice)
Using a Mortal as a Pawn in the Game. (2 dice)
Using an Unfair Advantage (Guns, Traps or Supernatural Abilities) (2 dice)
Challenging an Immortal to Combat (1 die)
Hunting An Immortal (1 die)
Murdering an Immortal (1 die)
Hunting Down an Immortal in Groups. (Chance die)
Killing a Student. (Chance die)

Der Kurator

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