Alain Thibaud

Parisian Counterfeiter


Nom de Jue Alexandre of Nantes
First Teacher Gino Perrette, Nizza, Italy 1671
Apparent Age Mid-Twenties
True Age 300
Code the Mask
Mental Attributes Intelligence ••, Wits •••, Resolve ••
Physical Attributes Strength ••, Dexterity •••, Stamina •••
Social Attributes Presence •••, Manipulation •••, Composure ••
Mental Skills Academics ••, Crafts (Counterfeiting) ••, Investigation •
Physical Skills Athletics (Vaulting) ••, Drive ••, Larceny ••, Stealth ••, Survival •, Weaponry (Fencing) •••
Social Skills Animal Ken (Horses) •, Intimidation ••, Persuasion ••, Socialize ••, Streetwise •, Subterfuge ••
Merits Commitment (Mask) ••, Confidence, Cypher* ••••, Defensive Combat, Fast Talking ••, Fighting Finesse (Rapier), Hardy ••, Patient, Reputation ••, Resources ••, Two Weapon Fighting •••
Willpower 4
Honor 7
Virtue Just
Vice Greedy
Nature Deviant
Initiative 7
Defense 5
Speed 13
Health 8
Kenning 3
Quickening/Beats 1/2
Tricks Cruel Barb, Incredible Speed, Quiet
Edge 13
Passions The next big thrill, Being backed into a corner
Weapon Rapier and Main Gauche 1L; Dicepool 7, Initiative 5, Defense 8, Armor Piercing 1


Other Names Alexandre Tibault, Friedrich Danton, Drago Byron


  • November 2, 1643; Brought home by Frederic and Marie-Belle Tibault, they name him Alexandre.
  • May 15, 1669; His immortality is triggered by a jealous husband.
  • October 25, 1671; Gino Perrette discovers the confused young immortal travelling through Italy and teaches him everything he knows.
  • December 28, 1776; Takes the head of Andre Marceau (Kenning ••)
  • January 6, 1777; is challenged by the Musketeer over the death of his student, Andre. Wins but does not take the man’s head. Regrets decision
  • Spring, 1801; second meeting with the Musketeer, Alexandre barely keeps his head. (Wits •••)
  • Spring 1823; talks a Pirate out of his vessel while travelling the orient.
  • November 28, 1843; takes the Quickening of Pendek a Malaysian Pirate (Kenning •••)
    *August 19, 1911; paid of Peruggia to admit to steal the Mona Lisa for him.

Dishonorable Acts (4 dice)

Leaving a challenge unanswered (6 dice)
Revealing the nature of the game to a mortal (6 dice)
Refusing to challenge a threat (5 dice)
Fail to act on a Passion (4 dice)
Killing an Immortal in Fair Combat (4 dice)
Challenging an Immortal without cause (3 dice)
Using a Mortal as a pawn in the game (3 dice)
Using an unfair advantage (2 dice)
Killing an Immortal without a Challenge (1 Die)
Hunt an Immortal in groups (Chance Die)
Hunting an Immortal (Chance Die)
Kill a Student or Teacher (Chance Die)

Alain Thibaud

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