Bernard Roux

Performer at the Moulin Rouge


Nom du Jue Stańczyk
First Teacher Konrad Głupiec, Gniezno, Poland 1383
Apparent Age Late-Twenties
True Age 616
Code the Knife
Mental Attributes Intelligence ••, Wits ••, Resolve ••••
Physical Attributes Strength ••, Dexterity •••, Stamina ••
Social Attributes Presence •••, Manipulation •••, Composure ••
Mental Skills Academics •••, Investigation ••, Occult •••, Politics (Royalty) ••••
Physical Skills Athletics •••, Larceny ••, Stealth ••, Weaponry (One Handed) •••••
Social Skills Empathy ••, Expression (Song) •••, Intimidation •••, Persuasion •••, Socialize •••, Streetwise ••, Subterfuge (Bullshit) •••
Merits Cypher ••, Danger Sense, Defensive Combat, Electrokinesis •••••, Fame •, Fast Talking •••••, Fighting Finesse (One Handed), Inspiring, Light Weapons •••••, Nom du Jue •••, Pusher
Willpower 6
Honor 5
Virtue Charitable
Vice Amorous
Nature Rebel
Initiative 7
Defense 5
Speed 13
Health 8
Kenning 3
Quickening/Beats 3/0
Tricks Calming Influence, Cruel Barb, Immortal Coil
Edge 12
Passions Being Betrayed, The High Society
Weapon Falchion 2L; Dicepool 9, Initiative 3, Defense 7


Other Names Stanisław Gąska; Johan Rood, Geoffrey la Roux, Huidemar la Oie, Stoshu Bardolf


  • 1355, Born in Gniezno, Poland as Stanisław Gąska
  • 1383, Summer; Immortality Triggered while performing for the King when he was struck by lightning midsentence.
  • 1383, Winter; Met the immortal Konrad Głupiec in the winter of 1383, They travelled together for 2 years.
  • 1402; Took the head of Boris the Wolf. (Kenning ••)
  • 1514; Becomes a icon under the name Stańczyk.
  • 1583; Trained as an acrobat (Strength ••)
  • 1584; Met Hatice Yildirim, a newly triggered immortal, while travelling through Turkey, she became his first student
  • 1590; forswears the name Stańczyk and vows never to be forgotten by history. (Cypher • – •••••)
  • 1602; Hatice attempted to kill him, forcing him to take her head, he’s never forgiven himself. He kept her sword as a reminder of his failure. (Kenning •••)
  • 1643; Masters Fencing under a number of Italian Masters
  • 1711; Buries his wife Wila, he never remarries (Resolve ••••)
  • 1866; After centuries of training, Stańczyk finally defeats Konrad in a friendly duel (Weaponry •••••)

Dishonorable Acts (6 dice)

Hiding on Holy Ground (10 dice)
Forcing an Immortal’s hand (7 dice)
Using an unfair advantage (7 dice)
Accepting a Challenge in which I do not have the upper hand (6 dice)
Challenging and Immortal (6 dice)
Failing to act on my Passions (4 dice)
Hunting another Immortal (3 dice)
Using a mortal as a pawn in the game (4 dice)
Killing an Immortal without a challenge (3 dice)
Challenging another immortal as a group (2 dice)
Killing a student or teacher (1 die)

Bernard Roux

l'Occupation Raymer